Hrant Petrossian    Hrant Petrossyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1922. As a young boy he showed great talent in music, which he pursued and eventually became the musician for the   military orchestra. During World War II he fought against the enemy forces, was   wounded and sent home.     In Armenia, his musical career blossomed and he attained the position of conductor of   Yerevan 's Circus Orchestra. From 1947-1963 he served as the soloist and conductor of   the State Orchestra of Armenia . Subsequently he performed in Moscow , with the   Armenian Radio Orchestra in Armenia , and Yerevan 's Wind Orchestra and the   "Armconcert".    Hrant Petrossian's trumpet sound has been heard throughout Soviet Armenia, and many   cities of the Soviet Union . He has been praised by both professionals andthe media and   was considered one of the country's best trumpet players. Composers Artemie Ayvazian, Arno Babajanian, Grikor Hakhinian and others havecomposed special pieces for his   performances.    As a trumpet soloist, he has appeared with several wind orchestras and many of his   performances have been recorded. He has been decorated with medals andhonored with   citations.     Hrant Petrossian's recordings are heard world-wide, and have become part of the   Armenian cultural golden heritage. He lived with his people and now remains in their   memory as a noble and good person.  By Karine Halajian,  Music Editor Radio of Armenia